We are an experienced team, who believes in enriching, restful and energy replenishing adventures that enrich us with new experiences. We named them SXP1 - Selected experience no. 1. We have carefully selected them for you from countless options.

Our entire program is intended for travel lovers, passionate foodies, hedonists who like to enjoy wellness and massages, fans of cosmetic and beauty salons, sports and adrenaline enthusiasts, romantics and everyone who is looking for original ways to spend their free time.

All presented facilities and partners in our program are carefully selected exclusively based on the recommendation of numerous guests and customers, which is why we are confident in the high quality of all offered services. All our partners provide you with a carefree and safe enjoyment of the selected experiences, for which they have to accept precise terms of business and ensure the highest level of service delivery. And most importantly, they will be happy about your visit and satisfaction.

Because we want to give you the best possible experience, we are constantly expanding and refining our program in accordance with global trends in the field of tourism.

We are trying to realize another important goal, to get more for the invested money. We achieve this by adding little things that are not visible at first glance: a better room, free entry to the pool or saunas, a better table or an added bottle of wine or a welcome drink and many other suggestions that we can implement with our partners and goodwill.

Remember, you are what you experience, and life is one big adventure!

Matej Rupret, owner and CEO